Invictus Church is a new church launching

October 7, 2018 in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Although our public grand opening is on October 7th,

we are currently meeting each week with our

launch team on Sundays at 10:30 am.

Please click around our site and get to know us.

Then come see us on a Sunday at 10:30am!

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Invictus is a Latin adjective meaning unconquered, unsubdued, invincible, unconquerable. 

We are completely victorious through God who showed his love for us. Romans 8:37 (NCV)

Invictus Church is coming! Don't miss our Grand Opening on October 7 at 10:30am.

Invictus Church exists to REACH people for Christ and LEAD them to be fully devoted to HIM.

Gathering Times & Location

Worship gatherings are held each Sunday at 10:30am.

3551 Poole Road

Cincinnati, OH 45251