Welcome Small Group Leaders!  This page contains resources designed to help you successfully lead your small group.  Below you will find Weekly Group Discussion Guides and Video Tips for Group Leaders.

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Small Group Leader Tips

Meet Bill Search, author of Simple Small Groups.  Bill is a valued friend of our lead pastor, Alan Danielson.  Bill is one of the most experienced small group ministry experts in the world.  Watch the videos below for short and simple pointers that will help make your group better!

Preparing For Your First Small Group Meeting

Becoming A Group On Mission Part 1

When Your Small Group Might Be Too Big

Asking Great Questions In Your Small Group

Why You Need A Small Group Coach

Becoming A Group On Mission Part 2

What To Do About Small Group Killers

How To Practice Active Listening Skills

Why Develop A Small Group Covenant?

The Ideal Size For Your Small Group

Building Relationships In Your Small Group

How To Lead A Prayer Time In Your Group

What To Do After Your First Group Meeting

How To Handle Child Care For Your Group

Leading Great Small Group Discussions

What To Do About Challenging Personalities